Saturday 22 June 2013

Family Film Favourites - Concert Programme - 22nd June 2013

Family Film Favourites - in support of Autism Concern
Saturday 22 June 2013
Conducted by Stephen Bell

Disney Around the World
Arr. James Christensen
We open tonight’s concert with an overture of popular Disney songs. Most feature in the many films of Disney, though ‘It’s a Small World’ was written for the popular musical boat ride that is located at each of the Disney parks and resorts.
Initially the ride was to feature national anthems of all the countries represented but this resulted in a big noise. Walt requested his staff songwriters to “[Write] one song that can easily be translated into many languages and be played as a round”.
Robin Hood Fanfare | It’s A Small World Alice In Wonderland | Colonel Hathi’s March I Wan’na Be Like You | Let’s Go Fly A Kite Night on a Bald Mountain | Sorcerer’s Apprentice Under The Sea | Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

The Lion King (1994) 
Elton John, Hans Zimmer 
Arr. Calvin Custer 
Lyricist Tim Rice, who was working with composer Alan Menken on songs for Aladdin, was invited to write the songs and accepted on the condition of finding a composing partner. As Menken was unavailable, the producers accepted Rice's suggestion of Elton John. John and Rice wrote five original songs for this film additional music was written by Hans Zimmer.
This Land | Circle Of Life | To Die For Be Prepared | Can You Feel The Love Tonight Hakuna Matata | I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Beauty and the Beast (1991) 
Alan Menken 
Arr. Jay Bocook
Originally sung by the character Mrs Potts, voiced by Angela Lansbury, in the 1991 film the song was released as a single sung by the relatively unknown Celine Dion. The critical and commercial success of "Beauty and the Beast" has been credited with establishing her career. Menken considered "Beauty and the Beast" a "turning point" in his career, revealing that it was the first time one of his compositions had been re-arranged for such a purpose.

Star Trek (2009) 
Michael Giacchino 
Arr. Jay Bocook 
Giacchino admitted personal pressure in scoring the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek film, as "I grew up listening to all of that great [Trek] music, and that's part of what inspired me to do what I'm doing. You just go in scared. You just hope you do your best. It's one of those things where the film will tell me what to do.”
To Boldly Go | Enterprising Young Men End Credits

Superman (1978) 
John Williams 
Arr. Derek Ashmore 
Superman is well known for its large-scale visual effects sequences, all of which were created before the digital age. The Superman costume was to be a much darker blue, but the use of blue screen made it transparent. Superman also established the superhero film genre as viable outside the world of Saturday matinee serials, although it was a decade before the comparable success of the Batman series and two decades before that of X-Men and Spider-Man.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice 
Paul Dukas 
Arr. James Curnow 
In 1936, Walt Disney felt that the Disney studio's star character Mickey Mouse needed a boost in popularity. He decided to feature the mouse in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, a deluxe cartoon short based on the poem written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and set to the orchestral piece by Paul Dukas that was inspired by the original tale. The young apprentice of the sorcerer Yen Sid, attempts some of his master's magic tricks but doesn't know how to control them.

Mary Poppins (1964) 
Richard and Robert Sherman 
Arr. J. W. Duthoit 
The film received 13 Academy Award nominations and won 5 awards. This makes Mary Poppins the most Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated Disney film in history. Julie Andrews won an Oscar for Best Actress and Richard and Robert Sherman won Best Original Song for ‘Chim Chim Cher-ee’.
Feed The Birds | A Spoonful Of Sugar Step In Time | I Love To Laugh | Sand Dance Jolly ‘oliday | Step In Time | Chim Chim Cher-ee Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Let’s go fly a kite


Aladdin (1992) 
Alan Menken 
Arr. John Moss 
Composer Alan Menken and songwriters Howard Ashman and Tim Rice were praised for creating a soundtrack that is "consistently good, rivaling the best of Disney's other animated musicals from the '90s." Menken and Ashman began work on the film together, with Rice taking over as lyricist after Ashman died in early 1991. Although fourteen songs were written for Aladdin, only six are featured in the movie, three by each lyricist.
Arabian Nights | One Jump Ahead Wedding Announcement | A Whole New World Jafar’s Hour | Prince Ali | On A Dark Night Friend like me | Happy Ending

Doctor Who 
Ron Grainer 
Arr. Denis Burton
Doctor Who fans will be eagerly awaiting the 50th Anniversary episode to be screened later this year with Northampton’s Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.
Until then, we give you this wind band arrangement that pays homage to Ron Grainer’s original theme (minus all the “Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey” sound effects, unless one of our instruments starts malfunctioning…).

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) 
Frank Churchill 
Arr. J.W Duthoit 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was to be the first full-length cel-animated feature in motion picture history, and as such Walt Disney had to fight to get the film produced. His gamble paid off and at the 11th Academy Awards, the film won an Academy Honorary Award for Walt Disney. Disney received a full-size Oscar statuette and seven miniature statuettes.
Some Day My Prince Will Come Whistle While You Work | I’m Wishing | Heigh-Ho With A Smile And A Song | The Silly Song One Song

Pixar Movie Magic 
Randy Newman and Michael Giacchino 
Arr. Michael Brown
Since 1995 when Toy Story was released, the creative team at Pixar Studios has given us heart-warming stories and unforgettable characters that appeal to audiences of all ages – and the music created for these films is an integral part of their popularity and charm.
The Glory Days (The Incredibles - 2004) The Spirit of Adventure (Up - 2010) Ratatouille Main Theme (Ratatouille - 2007) The Big Race (Cars - 2006) You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story - 1995)

Thunderbirds March 
Barry Gray 
Arr. Philip Sparke
Barry Gray (18 July 1908 – 26 April 1984) was a British musician and composer best known for his collaborations with television and film producer Gerry Anderson.
Despite the 2004 live action film adaptation of the marionette-driven cult classic; Thunderbirds flopped at cinemas when transformed into a live action Spy Kids wannabe. Hans Zimmer's score at least paid homage to the original show's brassy, fearless sound by keeping Barry Grey’s Thunderbirds March.

The Simpsons 
Danny Elfman 
Arr. Paul Lavender 
Composed by Danny Elfman in 1989, after series creator Matt Groening approached him requesting a retro-style theme. The piece, which took two days to create, has been noted by Elfman as the most popular of his career.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
John Williams 
Arr. Victor Lopez
The third and final score in the series to be composed by John Williams. This film's music is not as bright as that of the previous films, with distinct medieval influences in the instrumentation. One of the new themes, "Double Trouble," was written during production so that a children's choir could perform it in Hogwarts's Great Hall in one of the film's earlier scenes (accompanied by giant toads).
The lyrics of "Double Trouble" are from a ritual performed by the ‘Weird Sisters’ in Act 4, Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Macbeth.“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”
Hedwigs Theme | Hagrid the Professor Double Trouble | A Window To The Past

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest 
Hans Zimmer Arr. 
Jay Bocook
This highly anticipated sequel was the biggest movie of the year and features an exciting and dramatic soundtrack from the pen of Hans Zimmer, plus familiar themes from the first movie.
Jack Sparrow | The Kraken | Davy Jones I've Got My Eye On You | Wheel Of Fortune

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